From then until now

The History of PESA by François Mermod (only in french)

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The Federal Constitution of 1848 heralded the transformation of the Swiss courier, postal and customs services. 1877 saw the inauguration of the Lausanne-Zentrum-Ouchy railway line and in 1886 a freeport opened in the Flon district. This laid the foundation for the oldest freeport in Switzerland and at the same time for PESA.

The capacity and access to the freeport in Flon became more and more restricted over the years. So the Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the cantonal customs authorities, decided to move the freeport to Lausanne-Chavornay. PESA was founded in 1973 and we opened our bonded warehouse in Chavornay in 1977.

Since then, we have gradually developed and refined our services. Today we are ready for action with 60 employees and indispensable expertise at five locations.